Yellow Gold Jewelry Value

The yellow gold jewelry is probably the most common jewelry and the most elegant one. What makes the gold metal tick from when it was first used up until now?
Gold has been used since the early days of civilizations. Gold symbolizes so many things in our lives. It symbolizes primarily of wealth, richness and royalty. Other than things, it also depicts human ideas such as love, importance, fidelity, truth, god and godesses, happiness, sun and more.
Even back in the early days, pharaohs of Egypt wore gold plates, crowns and wardrobe. Many archaeologists have found so many gold chambers in pyramids. Even the walls of pyramids and statues are made of gold.
Gold is also used as trophies in many tournaments. The champion of the tournament was never given diamond or bronze but gold. This only tells us the superiority of gold over other metals.
Although, gold is not the hardest piece of metal, it is still considered to be the most expensive, rarest, most wanted, and most valued metal over diamond. Although diamonds are stronger and more difficult to break. However, the nicest thing about gold is its ability to be hammered or shaped without breaking. Gold can come in many forms. It could be as hard as a stone tablet. It could be as thin as a paper or a piece of thread. It is quite obviously the most flexible product. No wonder kings and queens from the earliest times loved gold.
Gold represents the importance of a value. If one objest or idea is important it is described as gold. For example: “Time is Gold”. Time being described as gold tells us the importance of time. The eigthies in the music business were once referred to us the “Golden Years of the Music Industry”. It tells us the prosperity and growth of the 80s for those people in the music industry.
Basically, anything that is of importance in this world are made out of gold and are called “golden”.
In the recent years, gold has started to become rarer. Golden miners has produced lesser amount of gold compared to the amount of gold mined in the past. This somehow had an effect on our lives today which will be published on the next post.

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