Yellow Gold Citrine Earring and Pendant Box Set

November’s birth stone that is Citrine is our new star for today’s post on yellow gold jewelries. I am starting to really like yellow gold jewelries since I have always been a fan of silver metals. However, I have caught the beauty of yellow gold jewelry and I hope that you will see it.

It is a semiprecious yellow quartz resembling topaz. It is a beautiful transparent gem that will look good with anybody who wears it, whether your are fair-skinned or tanned. Summer would be the best time to wear this. In winter, this jewelry will look just as good as it will shine over snow’s ice.

Gold is somewhat overused and overly popular. Most people would immediately think about gold when the word jewelry is spoken while diamond is the most sought after gemstone especially by most women. But have you checked out other gemstones which are as elegant and as pretty as diamond?

The sparkling sunny Citrine gemstone combined with yellow gold metal and silver chain should be the best combination there is. The color yellow that shines out form this piece of jewelry is simple powerful yet humble. Trust me, it is just like diamond or silver, citrine easily jives with any type of dress you would want to wear.


Product Details:

  • gem: citrine
  • chain: box-chain
  • stone shape:round

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