Yellow Gold Bracelets

Yellow Gold Bracelets

Just like any other yellow gold jewelries, yellow gold bracelets are easily matched with any gemstones.

Yellow gold bracelets looks elegant even without any other gemstones attached with it. In fact, in most elegant occasions, women wear simple yellow gold bracelets and can already look stunning with any black dress, and with other colors a formal dress may have.

The yellow gold bracelet you have above is a yellow gold plated sterling silver multi-gemstone flower bracelet. As you may have observe, the yellow gold bracelet above is matched with numerous types of gemstones of different colors in flower design. As expected, yellow gold blend in all these gemstones making it look sweet yet elegant at the same time.

This makes this bracelet suitable to be worn in any occasions or even for office. This can also be given to your daughter as a birthday gift. She will love the flowery colors that are surrounding the yellow gold bracelet.

The gemstones included above are the following:

1. deep red garnet
2. sky blue topaz
3. golden citrine
4. purple amethyst
5. smoky quartz
6. light green peridot

As a whole package, this yellow gold bracelet includes a traditional box clasp and double safety latches.

This yellow gold bracelet is one of Amazon’s bestsellers. The gemstones are shiny, clear with intense colors. It lays flat on skin which makes it better since it does not protrude too much out of your skin.

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